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Reduce Your French Income Taxes

A THESAURUS financial planner can greatly reduce or even eliminate the income taxes you pay as a foreign resident in France.


French tax law is structured to encourage developent in designated business sectors. The law rewards individuals who invest in qualified companies or properties within these sectors by reducing or even eliminating their income taxes.

It’s no secret that using these laws to your maximum financial benefit is a complicated undertaking. And tracking the constant changes to the law is an equally daunting task. That’s why you need a THESAURUS English speaking financial planner to design an investment strategy that saves you money now and earns you money as time goes on.

THESAURUS will develop a personalized investment plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. And your financial planner will be your ally every step of the way,  providing personal attention and guidance in your native language.


Stefano S., 43, French resident for 10 years :

Vertical Solution Architect, Emerging Markets
"I first heard of THESAURUS from a colleague, who recommended their services as a way of reducing French income taxes. My financial planner analyzed my situation and, in accordance with French tax law, recommended an investment strategy that has resulted in zero taxes for the last four years. I have already recommended their services to friends and family".


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