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Prepare for Retirement

It’s never too early or too late to plan for the type of retirement you dream of. A THESAURUS financial planner can put you on the path to making your dreams reality.


THESAURUS understands your vision of retirement. Flexibility. Freedom. Comfort. Peace of mind. But the type of retirement you want becomes more expensive with each year that goes by.

That’s why it’s essential to consult one of THESAURUS’s English speaking financial planners, to ensure that your money works during the years that you do, and will be substantial enough to provide for you during the years you don’t.

THESAURUS offers the widest variety of financial products available, so you can have confidence that your retirement plan is based on sound financial strategies and knowledge of market trends. Unlike companies that advise their clients to purchase only their in-house products, THESAURUS develops its customized investment recommendations with your best interests at heart.


Mary M., 45, French resident for 10 years :

"THESAURUS did a lunchtime presentation at my workplace and I was very impressed with their level of expertise and the numerous types of investments available. Since becoming their client, I have come to value the importance they place on customer relationships. I've also reduced my income taxes by 25 percent".


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