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Pre-Plan an Inheritance

THESAURUS’s English speaking financial planners offer customized inheritance planning solutions for you and your family.


You’ve worked hard to achieve a comfortable lifestyle and you want to preserve your assets for the future use of your family. But foreign residents  rarely understand how drastically French inheritance law differs from the laws in their homeland.

A THESAURUS financial planner will review your assets and explain the legal avenues available to manage the transfer of your estate and minimize the amount of taxes owed by your loved ones.

Inheritance law in France is complicated and changes frequently. Protecting your wealth for your loved ones takes careful planning and long-term commitment, which happen to be our financial planners’ greatest strengths.


Peter N., 48, French resident for 9 years :

General Manager
"I found THESAURUS via the internet. Their website made a professional impression and the contacts I met at the initial meeting further inspired my confidence. I am currently invested in real estate products (ZRR and SCPI) and a SOFICA financial product that have reduced my income taxes by fifty percent in the first year alone. I recommend their services".


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