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Manage Your Investments

Your THESAURUS financial planner gets to know you and your financial goals. We’re as invested in your future as you are.


Effective management of your wealth can only be achieved with the advice of an expert financial planner. THESAURUS understands the market forces driving the success of your investments and can help you restructure your portofolio to meet your long and short-term goals.

We analyze your net worth, cash flow, income, earnings, current investments and taxes to prepare a customized plan to make your money work for you. THESAURUS offers the greatest variety of investment products available, allowing us to take a comprehensive approach to growing your wealth.

Our greatest asset, though, is our team of English speaking financial planners, whose knowledge and experience make THESAURUS a company with world-class resources and local, personalized service.


Stephan A., 52, French resident for 15 years :

Retired (part-time consultant)
"I have been a THESAURUS client for four years and have definitely paid a lot less tax than I would have done during that time. I have also have benefited from good investment returns and sound advice, including exiting shares before the recent price falls. As a result of my career in a multinational, I have had to deal simultaneously with four different fiscal regimes. THESAURUS has coped well with this level of complexity. In fact, two of their current clients are referrals of mine".


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